8th June 2023

Import Data, a feature within IOTICS, provides a seamless and efficient way to import data into IOTICSpace.

2nd February 2023

This release contains new features on IOTICS Portal and IOTICS API, an update on data-sharing permissions, and general bug fixes.

4th January 2023

We've released two new features: Collections and the ability to disable user accounts. Read more about them below.

1st November 2022

The new version of the IOTICS API v.0.0.16 has been released to standardise the use of Twin ID across the API. Iotics-host-lib has been deprecated.

22nd April 2022

Our first release of IOTICS Explorer is out! You can start finding digital twins and refine results through our semantically driven filtering feature. Search is no longer limited to location and can be done by property.


22nd February 2022 - Breaking change

The new versions of the WebAPI v.3.0.725 and Host Library v.8 have been updated to include an enriched payload for the list_all_twins response: it now includes location and properties.


24th February 2022

We're starting to release elements of the IOTICS Explorer this week. A list of Digital Twins in a IOTICSpace is now available in Portal with improvements to navigation between concepts and improvements to the usability of Ontologies.


10th February 2022

The ontology Schema.org is now available directly through the IOTICSpace interface.


28th January 2022

New user flow and functionality to create twins, edit twins and view twins per model on the IOTICSpace interface


27th January 2022 - Breaking change

We have changed the way properties and feeds are managed by changing labels, comments and tags from special to generic properties.