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IOTICS enables digital cooperation between enterprises

In a resource-constrained world, organisations need to digitally cooperate to increase their impact and transform their businesses into sustainable efficient operations.

IOTICS fosters this cooperation by enabling you to efficiently and effectively form data ecosystems, even in situations where such cooperation has not been possible before. When connected with each other, enterprises form a data economy where value is created from data, information and insights and is shared within and outside their respective boundaries.

With IOTICS you can imagine a world where everyone can easily cooperate with everyone else to solve very complex problems by:

  1. Sharing only what needs to be shared with those who need it.
  2. Identifying and finding information by giving it context.
  3. Connecting dynamic and static data from disparate sources and interpreting the outcome.
  4. Cooperating across networks, ecosystems and enterprises and taking actions based on shared understanding.
  5. Automating the cooperative actions performed by humans and machines.