28th January 2022

New user flow and functionality to create twins, edit twins and view twins per model on the IOTICSpace interface

➕ New

  1. Edit Twin: improved usability to twin and property creation
    • Ability to set Findability of the Twin as Public or Private
    • Property values can be confirmed or cancelled using the green check and red cross respectively
    • List, Edit, and Save Properties for Twins
    • Information icon for Properties shows the range and IRI for expected input on hovering providing the user with additional context
    • Check button on properties fields saves the input value
    • The following property types are supported currently, more complex types are coming soon:
      • String (default, if none below satisfy input condition)
      • Number
      • DateTime (ISO format)
      • Boolean (Yes/No)
  2. Create Twin: improvements to how live values are shown
    • Edit Twin screen now shows the feeds from the model
    • When the twin feeds are followed, the latest update is shown and the feed panel flashes
  3. List all twins per Twin Model
    • Edit Twin Model page shows all twins based on model
    • Clicking on a twin in the list navigates to the Edit Twin page
    • Clicking on the action button allows deletion of a twin

🛠 Fixes

  1. List twin service default server max limit is now applied

If you have any questions please contact IOTICS Support.