27th January 2022 - Breaking change

We have changed the way properties and feeds are managed by changing labels, comments and tags from special to generic properties.

⚡ Breaking changes

  1. Labels, comments, and tags have been removed. This impacts:
    • Update twin/feed request
    • Describe twin/feed request/response
    • Upsert twin request
    • Search response (FULL/LOCATED type)
  2. Create feed: storeLast is removed from request / alreadyCreated is removed from response
  3. Create/Delete/Update twin responses only includes twin ID
  4. Nested describe twin/feed response objects have been renamed

If your code is erroring

  • check the way you use labels and comments in your code, you may have to update a connector or an application you're running
  • if you're using Host Library check that you have installed the latest version
  • detailed information on how to change your code can be found here

If you have any questions please contact IOTICS Support.