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ExperienceSupported LanguagesIdentity OptionsProtocol
AdvancedCompatible with API Clients compatible languageIncludedREST + STOMP


Welcome to the IOTICS WebAPI introduction section, over the next few pages we will go over a number of tutorials to get you from nothing to a working Digital Twin.

If you're planning on using Python then you may benefit from exploring the IOTICS Host Library first.

For these tutorials we will work towards creating a file called to create a twin enriched with metadata and a feed. You will be be able to share and retrieve the shared value as well as search for the twin you've made.

For ease of use we have broken the tutorials up into:

We recommend you run through the tutorials in order and you will also need to completed the Identity tutorial if you have not done so already.

If you'd like to have our API definition up as you follow the tutorial, take a look at our API Reference.



Our API is also compatible with a number of OpenAPI Generation tools such as the OpenAPI Generator, enabling the generation of other language APIs.

Just follow their documentation to generate your relevant library, you can get our API's JSON by visiting your space's API json link. For example, if your space is https: then the URL you need would be:

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