Get Started with IOTICS

Welcome to IOTICS Get Started, this section is designed to help you start exploring everything IOTICS has to offer as soon as possible.

If you've not done so already you might want to take a quick look over what IOTICS is and some of our Key Concepts.

Alternatively watch our video covering the basics of IOTICS:

There are two main ways to integrate with IOTICS:

Host Library





Identity Options


Use our Identity SDK


REST + STOMP (abstracted)


Supported Languages


Python, Java, C# and any OpenAPI Tools API Clients compatible language

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows

Linux, Windows, Mac

IOTICS Host Library

Supported Languages: Python | Identity Options: Included

Get up and running quickly with our Host Library, providing an easy to integrate Python wrapper for our Client Libraries. This library includes the creation of Identity credentials as you go through the process.

Follow our Host Library tutorial to learn more and for step by step instructions.


Supported Languages: Compatible with OpenAPI Tool's API Clients | Identity Options: Use the Identity SDK

If you want to build from the ground up and have a more in depth understanding of IOTICS beneath the hood then you might want to start with the IOTICS WebAPI. If you're building up your integration with our WebAPI you'll need to make sure you've set up your Identity credentials.

Follow our WebAPI section for to learn more and for tutorials on getting started with the IOTICS WebAPI.

API Reference

Whether using the Host Library or WebAPI you can see our full API specification by visiting our API Reference.

If you have a space created already then you can also see this by visiting:

Just replace "YOURSPACE" with the name of your space.


For additional support just contact IOTICS Support.

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